We are born to dance

A different dancing experience. Let your emotions lead the way and enjoy swing dancing at its best.

Why Unleash the Dancer?

Dance with your heart and your feet will follow

Swing dancing has had an amazingly positive impact on my life. And my mission is to spread that positivity by inspiring and teaching others this dance. Unleashing your dancer within will allow your emotions to guide your feet when dancing. DON'T THINK, JUST DANCE.

Unconventional jazz workshop

Swing dancing has afroamerican roots and was evolved on the streets of Harlem, through improvisation.
At this workshop you learn an awesome vintage jazz routine with steps such as the charleston, knee slaps, box step, mess around and many more, but we will go even further than just learning steps. You will also learn tools to improvise these jazzy moves and let your emotions fuel your dancing.

Swing your way to happiness

Swing dancing helps you connect with yourself and others while having a blast. Sign up today and become a happier and swingier person.


"Oh yes we can!"

Absolutely recommended for everyone who is dance interested, to experience a new way of dancing besides counting steps.

- Caroline Spicker

"I really enjoyed the workshop"

Thanks Amani for the great workshop. Your positive energy and spirit is contagious. I loved the fact the workshop was split into a practical physical part but moreover also contained an exercise 

part on how to positively affect the mind-set. The workshop space is declared as a safe room, hence the participants really can unleash their dancer within there first, and then take it a step further to spread the ease "worldwide"

-Ines Schulz

"A great workshop!"

A great workshop with a super energetic teacher. Thank you! 

-Lilian Eggenberger

"Truly connect and unleash the dancer"

Amani is an inspiration! She brings a lot of energy and soul to the dance floor and encourages everyone to truly connect and to unleash the dancer within

-Uwe Thummel

"Unconventional techniques but all the better"

Amani Said is on a personal mission to unleash the full expressive and emotional potential of each dancer. Her techniques may seem unconventional but all the better to break the bonds of convention which hold us prisoner.

-Christopher Fonda

"Very inspiring"

This workshop is more than just about the dance. Amani looks behind the curtain and will work at emotional aspects of dancing. Very inspiring.



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Swing with Amani

Workshop location- El Social Viaduktstrasse 67, Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland